Questions and Answers

“NO EMPTY CHAIRS AT CHRISTMAS” is a non-commercial platform compiled by IKEA AG that offers visitors the opportunity to unite as guests or hosts for a shared gathering on Christmas Eve.
We believe that no one should be alone at Christmas. That is why we have created this platform, so that people who are looking for a place to celebrate at Christmas can find others who have a spare seat at their Christmas dinner table.
Use of the platform is free of charge.
Guests and hosts must create a profile containing their personal details. This information helps us in our search for a suitable guest or host profile.
No. If a suitable guest is not found there is no obligation for you to receive a guest.
That is your decision. Please use the integrated email system to contact the host/guest in advance in order to reach an agreement regarding how you wish to handle this.
Both guests and hosts can contact one another via this platform. This is carried out using an integrated email system.
You can “poke“ a host or guest in order to indicate your interest.
No. Communication takes place via the integrated email system only
No. You will not be asked for your home address (the place at which you will be celebrating Christmas). We limit ourselves to the canton. Your home address will only be made known via the integrated email system once you have found your guest or host.
Any profile can be reported using a button. As soon as a report is submitted, we check the profile and block it if we deem it necessary.
You can delete your profile at any time in the profile management window.
Please contact us on
Please contact us on

Further important information regarding the platform and the terms and conditions of participation can be found in our General Terms and Conditions (AGB).