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1. Concept of the platform

"No Empty Chairs at Christmas" is a non-commercial platform from IKEA AG offering visitors the opportunity to pose as guests or hosts for a private get-together on Christmas Eve free of charge. For the sake of simplicity, IKEA AG will be called IKEA below. Wirz Werbung AG is providing IKEA with technical support for the platform.

Guests and hosts (also called users below) can create a profile containing their personal details. These details will help in the search for a matching guest or host profile. Taking this data as a basis, the platform will generate suggested matches for guest or host profiles. IKEA will stay in the background in "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" and not act as an organiser, intermediary or contractual partner; instead, it will simply make the platform available for the above purpose free of any charges or obligations.

Communication among hosts and their guests, as well as any contact and direct meetings between users will take place on a purely private, non-commercial basis, without any involvement by IKEA. In particular, "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" is not a dating platform and may not be misused as such. The platform is also independent and will only be publicised externally via PR activities, online activities and “Point of Purchase” measures.

2. Terms and conditions of participation

2.1 Acceptance and closing date for registration

By participating on the "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" platform or creating a profile, the guest and host will hereby accept these IKEA Terms of Use without reservation and irrevocably.

The closing date for registration for the guest and host is 26 December 2017.

2.2 Personal requirements

Users of the "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" platform from IKEA must be adults (i.e. at least 18 years of age), be of sound judgement and have a valid place of residence in Switzerland.

2.3 No entitlement to participation and/or mediation

There is no entitlement to participation in the event. IKEA reserves the right to decline hosts and guests without stating a reason and to block access to the platform from users without stating any reasons.

There will be no correspondence about the event. Redress may not be sought through the courts.

2.4 Right to edit by IKEA/Wirz and exclusion of warranty

IKEA is entitled to delete or edit contributions and information from users, as well as parts thereof, without stating reasons, in full or in part. That said, IKEA assumes no responsibility for the remaining content. In particular, it provides no guarantee of the correctness of the content or of the good character of the users.

3. Duties of the platform users

The users will bear sole responsibility for the content of their contributions on the platform.

The users will undertake to communicate truthfully, i.e. to use their correct names.

Users will undertake not to post any information which is misleading, incorrect, offensive and disparaging and/or not to upload or send any unlawful, unethical, anti-religious or sexist content onto the platform. The users may not use any naked photographs, images with a religious background, or any military or war-related images in connection with the platform. Other users have the option of reporting any such inappropriate content (cf. “Report profile” button on microsite).

Where references are made to third parties in contributions, the users in question will bear sole responsibility for this. They will undertake to respect the personal rights of third parties. In the interests of anonymity, they will undertake to change the names of third parties in order to avoid any unwanted identification. IKEA is entitled to remove or edit names from contributions by a user so that third parties can no longer be identified.

4. Disclaimer

IKEA and Wirz assume no liability for incorrect information from guests and hosts, as well as for the good character of users. IKEA also offers no guarantee of contact between the host and guest and assumes no responsibility for ensuring that contact and/or a meeting materialise.

If the host and guest establish contact and meet directly, these contacts and/or meetings will take place at the host and guest's own responsibility and risk. The host and guest are aware of this and of the private nature of the meeting. They will expressly refrain from asserting any claims (e.g. for unlawful actions, unjustified gains, namely for compensation, satisfaction, etc.) against IKEA and Wirz arising from the contacts, communication and/or meetings.

IKEA's exclusive role is to operate this non-commercial, free-to-use platform and is neither factually involved in subsequent contacts and/or meetings nor considered to be a contracting party in this regard.

IKEA has no control over the accuracy and security of information and content which are exchanged between users or which users place in their profiles. IKEA and Wirz accept no responsibility and liability for this information and content.

5. Indemnification

The users hereby hold IKEA and Wirz harmless against any liability, obligations, expenditure and claims arising from loss namely resulting from defamatory remarks, insults, violation of personal rights by others users, resulting from the breakdown of services for users, resulting from the violation of intangible goods or miscellaneous rights by the users. Furthermore, every user will indemnify IKEA and Wirz against any liability and against all claims and costs arising from a violation of these Terms & Conditions of Business.

6. Data security and data-protection declaration

6.1 Data security

The Internet is an open and freely accessible network. It is not a secure environment. Therefore, any transmission of data and information by e-mail or via websites operated by IKEA is not confidential. IKEA and Wirz endeavour to store all personal data using technical and organisational means in such a way that they are inaccessible to third parties. Nevertheless, complete data security cannot be guaranteed in communication by e-mail or via the platform operated by the organiser. Therefore, IKEA and Wirz accept no liability if unauthorised third parties gain access to the personal data of users (for example, in the form of unauthorised attacks on the database by hackers).

6.2 Data processing and storage

In conjunction with usage, personal information, e.g. age, sex, postcode, telephone number, analysis data, images, audiovisual works etc., will be collected, stored, processed and used (see para. 6.3). Personal usage settings that users enter when using the platform are also stored. This ensures that every user can retrieve their personal settings when they visit again. Information is stored both in Switzerland and abroad (server).

The users agree that the content and addresses they enter may be stored in Switzerland and abroad and used in Switzerland for any of IKEA's future "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" platforms. You can ask for this information to be deleted at any time by sending an e-mail to

6.3 Transfer to third parties and further use

Information, including users' pictures, contributions and addresses, are appropriately archived and processed at Wirz. This granting of rights is not restricted in time and specifically includes production, reproduction, distribution, internet, circulation, representation, broadcasting, processing and modification rights.

Information will not be transferred to third parties, except for processing purposes. IKEA reserves the right to invite users to subscribe to an e-newsletter when the platform is re-established.

7. Platform and duration of operation

IKEA does not guarantee that the "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" platform will function correctly or be usable or contactable without interruption at all times. In particular, IKEA accepts no liability for problems with the quality of the access to the platform due to force majeure and events which are beyond IKEA's control.

Users can access the platform until the end of January 2018. Thereafter it will be taken offline.